7 Types of kitchen countertops: Features and benefits

Countertops can be of various types. These can be well-fitted in kitchen as well as bathroom. You can play with the colors, appearance, theme, design, style, and type. Our article majorly focuses on the various types of countertops that you must know. It is essential to have some knowledge about these materials so that you are aware of their distinct qualities and features.

All the materials are good in their own way; you need to pick the one that matches your lifestyle and kitchen. Different experts will give you their opinion of using these materials. Hear them out and come to a mutual conclusion. For instance, some recommend silestone calacatta gold whereas there are designers that prefer granite.

Most preferred types of kitchen countertops:

  1. Quartz: Quartz is one of the prominent countertop materials for kitchen. These come with several benefits like durable, non-porous, tough, and do not need resealing. Moreover, quartz is economical if compared to other types of kitchen materials.
  2. Concrete: Concrete countertops also make a good choice but, these come with a drawback. Concrete is known for its striking looks and durable material. Due to its sturdy looks, the material is also used on roads, sidewalks, pools, bathrooms, and more…
  3. Soapstone: Soapstone is also a natural stone that has a soft-like texture. Thus, the material looks smooth and beautiful for countertops. Unlike other materials, soapstone needs minimal maintenance and it is non-porous.
  4. Laminate: Laminate countertops are also one of the preferred countertops. These were highly renowned during the 80s and 90s era. The best part about the material is that it doesn’t get damaged by heat, bacteria, or liquid. The only thing you need to remember is that these won’t add value to your house. Thus, not many people go for it.
  5. Tile: Tile countertops also make a good choice and these are recommended for budgeted homes. A good thing about tile is its availability in different size, shape, style, design, and color.
  6. Silestone: Materials like silestone calacatta gold in silestone makes an ideal choice for kitchen countertops too. These are formed with a mixture of quartz, high-quality minerals, and recycled materials to enhance the look of your kitchen. Moreover, the material is resistant to scratches and stains.
  7. Marble: Marble countertops change and transform the look of your kitchen completely. Their prime looks are suitable for those looking for class apart, uniqueness, and grace.