How to Do Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is the ideal kitchen remodeling project for anyone looking to give their home a new look but does not want to undertake major construction. This provides a wide variety of style options, ranging from natural woods to laminates, at almost half the cost of a new custom set of cabinets. Although this is a simple venture, individuals must still be careful with picking the materials they will utilize. Homeowners will be using these sets of equipment in the future. This is why the kitchen cabinet Corona Del Mar firm guarantees they are guiding their clients through:

1. Choosing Cabinets

The first decision to make is which type of wood to use. House owners can choose hard or softwoods like cherry, oak, and maple. If individuals decide to go with wood, they will need to consider the grain pattern, color, and finish to ensure they get the exact look they are going for.

2. Getting Ready for Refacing

This project is DIY-able. Thus, house owners themselves can do this on their own.

Before starting the refacing process, it is necessary to cover all face frames and end panels with veneer stripes. This is done to create a more professional appearance and to prevent damage. House owners will need to measure and cut veneer strips about 3/8 inch in width.

3. Applying Veneer to Face Frames and End Panels

House owners will need to measure and cut veneer strips to the length they need to cover the face frames. Individuals will also need to figure out how many veneer stripes they will need to cover the end panels.

Individuals will then place the veneer onto the face frames and end panels and press it into place. It is essential to apply the surface evenly and trim the edges carefully to make them appear neat and uniform.

These are the common ways how to do the refacing cabinet project. However, homeowners are advised to entrust this task to professionals. These experts have more knowledge in properly applying these cabinetries. Hence, it would be best to consider the experts than their DIY skills.

Continue reading the infographic below and learn more about what an individual can anticipate in confiding cabinet refacing with a firm developed by the well-known kitchen cabinet La Habra firm, Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: