Maintaining Your Marble Countertops Like A Pro!

The addition of marble your home can completely alter its look and feel. This material is both timeless and classic, and works very well as kitchen countertop material, where it is widely known for its beauty. However, marble can be a bit fragile as compared to the other naturally occurring stones. It is very much susceptible to etching, scratching and staining. So, you need to care for it to make it last in all its beauty. 

Here are some handy care tips to make your marble look new and fresh always: 

Avoid acidic substances 

Acid is the enemy of any marble surface. It can easily etch into the surface of marble and can leave the marble looking dull and lacking lustre. This is something you need to decide while buying the countertop cleaners. Acidic or abrasive cleaners like vinegar or bleach must be avoided at any cost. Also, never use scrubbers to clean countertops. Foods that are acidic in nature like tomatoes, citrus and other fruits must not come in direct contact with the surface. It is best to use cutting boards, bowls and other access to prevent the acid from touching the surface. 

Clean with gentle soap

It is absolutely possible to clean the marble without using any abrasive cleaners. Gentle soap and water mixture is enough to get your cleaning job done. You can simply wash it with the soap solution and wipe it off with a dry and clean cloth. Lastly, use an absorbent towel to pat it dry. If you make a mess on the surface by mistake, clean it off immediately in order to prevent the stains from settling in. 

Deal with stains immediately 

Marbles are very much susceptible to staining, despite the extreme care and caution that you follow. Address any stain on the surface immediately to avoid permanent patches. Stains from oils can be removed immediately with a few drops of ammonia. Organic stains from foods and liquids like tea or coffee can be removed with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. A steel wool can be used to buff out any water marks or stains. But it needs to be done with extreme caution as you would not want to destroy the surface finish. 

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