Natural Methods That Can Help You Bid Farewell to Spiders At Home

The first and most important thing is to keep one’s home tidy. Spider infestation is one of the main issues that homes face. Certain cultural beliefs hold that spider webs are unlucky and that they also draw and have negative energy. Please continue reading to learn more about ways to keep spiders away, including natural ways to get rid of them. Contact Stride Pest Control to receive further assistance.

Ways you can use to eliminate spiders from your home

  • Indoor Plants

If you are able to grow something or have a green thumb, use plants as a spider deterrent. Planting lavender, lemon verbena, lemon balm, eucalyptus, lemongrass, & mint will deter spiders. In addition, a lot of them near your windows and doors are pretty and smell good.

  • Nuts

You can use a variety of nuts to ward off spiders. Spreading walnuts, horse chestnuts, or chestnuts around your home—under furniture, on windowsills, and outside—may deter spiders.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is another natural remedy for removing a spider infestation. DE is a sedimentary rock that is soft and easily crumbles into tiny pieces or powder. While it is generally safe for humans and dogs, it is toxic to spiders and other insects.

Diatomaceous earth can be found online and in a number of locations. Just apply a thin, even layer of DE to the parts of your home where you see spiders. DE will gradually dehydrate the spiders instead of killing them right away.

  1. Mint

An excellent organic pest deterrent is mint. Most insects, including spiders, hate mint. Spritz your house with a mixture of water and essential peppermint oil. This will also maintain a clean, minty scent throughout your home. You can also stuff small sachets with crushed dried mint leaves and keep them in your kitchen cupboards. If you do not have any fresh mint on hand, try mint tea bags.

  • Horse Chestnuts

A common deterrent against spiders is horse chestnuts. All you need to do is scatter some horse chestnuts near doorways or along window sills. Furthermore, you can leave horse chestnuts in place for a long time without needing to substitute them because of their long shelf life.

  • Tobacco

Spiders dislike tobacco, and you can purchase loose-leaf tobacco at a variety of retailers and cigarette shops. Tobacco leaves can be scattered where spiders will most likely appear, or they can be combined with water and sprayed throughout the house as a solution.

You can also roll tobacco leaves into balls and use flour and water to keep spiders away. You can use a spray that you can make out of tobacco and water to keep kids and pets away from the leaves.