Adventure Awaits: 5 Thrilling Things to Do in Hood River

Things to Do in Hood River

Popularly known as the windsurfing capital of the world, Hood River is the ultimate destination for outdoor lovers, foodies, historians, bikers, and trekkers. The Oregon town is located between the Cascade Range and Columbia River Gorge, giving it excellent views and opportunities for outdoor adventure. If you are planning a home-hunting trip there, here are five things to do in Hood River that will give you the perfect introduction to the exciting town.

Catch Some Waves

No trip to look at homes for sale in Hood River is complete without a foray into the water. As the windsurfing capital of the world, Hood River offers immense opportunities for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The river is bordered by 4,000-foot-high gorge walls that produce an exciting system of wind and swells throughout the year. Between May and September, novices and professionals alike can take to the water and tackle the calm or strong waves amidst stunning panoramic views. 

Ski or Snowboard at Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood, for which this town is named, is the fourth tallest in the Cascade Mountain Range and the tallest mountain in Oregon. At 11,249 feet of elevation, the majestic mountain is the premier location for snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, and tubing in winter. There are usually themed events and lifts available for different experience levels and budgets, and you can pick a package that is ideal for you. If you are a novice, you can also take some lessons in Hood River.

Chase Waterfalls at Multnomah

Chase Waterfalls at Multnomah

The combination of mountains and water in Hood River makes for some exciting water features, including over 90 waterfalls. During your trip, you can dip or take in the sights at popular sites like   Latourell Falls, Wahclella Falls, and Punch Bowl Falls. The highlight, however, is Multnomah Falls. The 620-foot waterfall is actually located half an hour away from Hood River on your way to Portland and is the second-tallest waterfall in the country.

Shop to Your Heart’s Content

Another thing to do as you explore Hood River real estate is shop, and there is no better place to do it than downtown. Downtown Hood River is teeming with art galleries, antique shops, outdoor gear stores, jewelry stores, and boutiques. During your foray, you can pop into Art on Oak for a customized art piece, Artifacts Bookstore for a classic copy, or Arome for specialty oils, teas, and herbs. This is also a great way to meet the people and experience the culture and history of Hood River. 

Tour Local Breweries

Tour Local Breweries

If you love a good brew, you can cap off a long day of adventure with a visit to Hood River’s local breweries. Oregon is famous for its beer and produces the most hops of any place in the world. So naturally, the microbrew scene in Hood River is very rich, with over twelve breweries in the town. Local favorites include the industrial-design tasting room pFriem Family Brewers set on the river, Solera Brewery, and Double Mountain Brewery.

Explore Hood River Real Estate with Expert Julie Gilbert

Exploring this stunning Oregon town is a great precursor to buying a home in Hood River. If your tour of Hood River inspires you to move here, contact Julie Gilbert to schedule a consultation and showing. The widely experienced Gilbert will help you look through condos, luxury properties, and single-family homes from which to enjoy the joys of Hood River.